Effective hydroseeding and erosion control have 6 key factors.

First, a soil test must be conducted to see what the soil is lacking so that it can be replenished with the nutrients it needs for successful growth.

Second, an optimal seedbed needs to be created for the best seed-to-soil contact that is not too compact.

Third, it is essential to choose the right plant species for your site conditions in order to achieve desired results and maintenance requirements.

Fourth, choose the correct erosion control material to protect both the seed, soil and the duration of protection needed.

Fifth, the proper installation of hydraulically applied mulches is key to seeing top results. Hydroseed should be applied in multiple directions in order to achieve the goal of 100% coverage.

Lastly, follow up inspections and proper maintenance practices are what makes hydroseeding the most effective.

All hydroseeding is not the same as there are many different products that can be applied and techniques for applying each product differ on each application.

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