The first three weeks are the most important on your newly hydro seeded lawn.  After your hydro seeded lawn has cured for 24 hours after application, it is time to start watering.  Water with a lawn sprinkler or hire us to water for you via hydroseeder at an additional cost assuring the right water amounts. Both rotary type and oscillating sprinklers work best. Keep the top two inches of the soil moist, not muddy or puddling. Do not overwater.  It is best to water each area for about 20-30 minutes two times a day, early morning and late afternoon. In hot weather conditions, you will have to water more frequently. Continue following this watering scheduled until the first cutting. After the first cutting gradually reduces the frequency of watering and increase the duration in which you are watering. An established lawn needs about 1 inch of water per week whether it be supplied naturally or irrigation.

During dry periods water well or don’t water at all. It is better to water deeply once a week than watering lighting everyday. Water lightly daily will encourage shallow root growth and weaken the turf. It is a good idea to place a rain gauge on the lawn when watering to monitor how much water is being applied. If you are unable to water your lawn during hot periods it is best that you do not mow it. The lawn will then go into dormancy and bounce back when the weather has improved and proper moisture is retained. To get top results and have the top turf on the block it is key to follow these watering instructions listed above.

Large area watering

If the area being hydroseeded is to large for water no need to worry.  The weather will do the job for you. Even in times of drought just be patient with your lawn.  Grass needs 7 wet days to get started in the germination process along with a soil temperature above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Until the proper moisture and temperatures are met  grass seed will lay dormant underneath our hydraulic mulch application holding all the seed, soil, and fertilizer in place.

Mowing your new lawn

A new lawn should be mowed as soon as the grass reaches a height of  3 inches. You want to mow the lawn frequently enough to where your mower does not produce clumps of grass. It is also best to recirculate your clippings back into the lawn supplying it with nutrients. You should never remove more than a third of the blade at any time. Mower blades need to be kept sharp to cut evenly and prevent causing damage. It is best to mow your lawn from 3.5 to 4 .0 inches in height. Mowing at this height will promote deep root growth which in return will give you a healthier  lawn that has better resistance to drought, disease, and inesects. Your lawn should be mowed in different directions weekly to reduce soil compaction and stress on your lawn. During hot months or during lack of water your lawn should be mowed taller and less frequently.

Fertilizing your lawn

At the time of your hydroseed application, a high-quality slow release starter fertilizer was applied. This starter fertilizer is designed to feed your lawn during the early developmental stages promoting deep root growth. We will apply your first application of fertilizer at no additional cost to set your new hydro seeded lawn up for success. This application usually takes place when the grass has reached an age of about a month to month and a half old.  We recommend hiring a professional to take care of the fertilization of your new lawn whether it be us or a competitor. We offer an all in one fertilization and weed control program. We recommend a 4 to 6 step program. No weed killer of any kinds should be applied for a period of 60 days. Every bag of fertilizer has a 3 number combination example 18-24-12. This combination refers to the ration of Nitrogen (N)- encourage top/leaf growth, Phosphorus(P)-encourages deep root growth, and Potassium (K) encourages general health.


Top Turf Care warrants that high quality certified ingredients are used in our hydroseeding applications. If your hydroseed does not properly establish, for up to 60 days, because of product or workmanship, those portions of the lawn will be hydroseed at NO COST!  Be sure to water as directed in the brochure above. You will be provided with a copy we will have you sign off on. If your lawn is not watered, fertilized, and maintained as directed, the warranty is void. The warranty does not cover hydroseed that has been disturbed by another contractor after the application whether it be foot traffic or another form.The warranty does not cover a lawn that washed out because of a heavy rain event, lacking of proper growth due to lack of fertilizing , burning due to over fertilizing, or improper use of chemical to kill weeds.

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